IC-International Consultant – National POPs Monitoring Mechanism

Country: Turkey
Language: EN
Number: 1039343
Publication date: 29-03-2017
Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)


IC-International Consultant – National POPs Monitoring Mechanism
Procurement Process : Other
Office : UNDP Country Office - TURKEY
Deadline : 12-Apr-17
Posted on : 29-Mar-17
Development Area : CONSULTANTS
Reference Number : 36663
Link to Atlas Project :
00082077 - PIMS 4833:POPs Legacy Elimination and Release Reduction
Documents :
General Conditions of Contract
Procurement Notice
Overview :

Country: Turkey

Description of the Assignment: International Consultant – National POPs Monitoring Mechanism

Related Projects: POPs Legacy Elimination and POPs Release Reduction Project

Period of Assignment/Services: May 2017 – April 2018

Proposal should be submitted by email to tr.ic.proposal@undp.org. no later than 12 April 2017, COB.

Any request for clarification must be sent in writing, or by standard electronic communication to the address or e-mail indicated above. UNDP will respond in writing or by standard electronic mail and will send written copies of the response, including an explanation of the query without identifying the source of inquiry, to all consultants.


UNDP in collaboration with UNIDO and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization implements the project which objective is to protect human health and the environment globally as well as locally through addressing POPs legacies including elimination of POPs Pesticide and PCB stockpiles, and initiating clean-up of associated POPs and chemical pollutant contaminated sites, as well as dealing with longer term PCB phase out consistent with the country’s Stockholm Convention obligations, reducing U-POPs release in major industrial sectors , and providing targeted institutional, regulatory and technical capacity strengthening, all within a sound chemicals management framework. The project is directed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. It will meet this objective by eliminating a large POPs pesticide stockpile consisting of pure HCH and associated high concentration POPs waste and PCB stockpiles as well as supporting assessment, cleanup and monitoring of priority POPs contaminated sites involving representative range of site contamination situations, remediation approaches and clean-up financing modalities. The project will also demonstrate the sustainable treatment of cross contaminated PCB transformer units by means of de-halogenation technologies, will provide technical assistance for setting up a national plan for treatment of PCB contaminated transformers, and will provide technical assistance for the establishment of BAT/BEPs among priority U-POPs emitting sectors Additionally the project will support the qualification of needed hazardous waste infrastructure and national technical capability for the ongoing management of POPs and other chemical hazardous wastes as well as supporting the strengthening of institutional and regulatory capacity within an overall chemicals management framework. Components under the supervision of UNDP includes component 1, 4 and 5.

For further details, please see Annex 1 (Terms of Reference).

2.Scope of work, Responsibilities and Description of the Proposed Analytical Work

The objective of the assignment is to receive high quality technical consultancy services on strengthening technical capacity including operational POPs monitoring, supporting expanded analytical capability, and planning related research and development capability.

In this sense an Individual Consultant (IC) will be mobilized, as “International Consultant” who will have expected to provide technical inputs on assessment of current POPs analysis and monitoring capacity in the country and additional consultancy services on topics related to her/his expertise area for other activities of the Project.

For further details, please see Annex 1 (Terms of Reference).

3.Requirements for Experience and Qualifications

Please see Annex 1 (Terms of Reference).

4.Documents to be Included when Submitting the Proposals

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

• Personal updated CV and UN Personal History Form (P11 Form) including past experience in similar projects and at least 2 references

• Financial Proposal (please see section 5, below and Annex II)

5.Financial Proposal

The interested individual consultants must submit their financial proposals by following the guidance and the standard template provided in Annex 2. Any deviation from the standard text may lead to disqualification.


The evaluation will be based on cumulative analysis (i.e. technical qualifications and price proposal). The weight of the technical criteria is 70%; the weight of the financial proposal is 30%. Candidates that obtain a minimum of 49 pts out of a maximum 70 pts will be considered for the financial evaluation. Candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements will be disqualified.



Weighted Score




General Qualifications



General Professional Experience



Specific Professional Experience







The following annexes are an integral part of this procurement notice. In case of any conflict between the provisions of the Annex III and the procurement notice and/or Annex I and/or Annex II, the provisions of Annex III are applicable.

• Annex 1: Terms of Reference

• Annex 2: Price Proposal Guideline and Template

• Annex 3: General Conditions of Contract for Individual Consultants


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